Food and Beverage Industry

Food and beverage producers are constantly looking for production optimization while achieving the highest levels of quality and compliance – neither possible without ensuring high quality of the water utilized. 

Working with a trusted partner can simpliify this process to come up with high quality, cost effective solutions that make sense and add to your bottom line.

How our technologies are utilized in agriculture and the food and beverage industries:

Reverse Osmosis

  • Improves the appearance, taste, and preservation of beverages. 
  • Prevents undesirable side effects such as flavor change and residue in bottles. 
  • Used for water recovery and re-use.
  • Pre-treatment of plant or process make-up water.
  • Used for the recovery of proteins from brine in the fish processing industry. 


  • Used in the processing of cheese whey to obtain cheese whey concentrate, and for removal of pathogens from milk in the dairy industry.
  • Used for fruit juice concentration and clarification.


  • Used for partial demineralization of whey, concentration of lactose in whey UF permeate, and Cleaning in Place wastewater treatment in the dairy industry.
  • Used for fruit juice, pigment, or aroma concentration, as well as wastewater treatment in the fruits and vegetable industry.
  • Ideal for installations that require softened water.
  • Prevents scale build up in water lines and equipment.

UV Disinfection

  • Used to disinfect water that is used as an ingredient or comes in contact with food and beverages, without chemicals or pasteurization.
  • Used to disinfect sugar syrups used as flavorings in beverages, fruit juice and bottled water industries.


  • Used to control biological growth of unwanted organisms in products and equipment used in the food processing industries.
  • Used to disinfect food processing water or atmosphere in which food is stored.
  • Used as an antimicrobial agent to sanitize surfaces, and equipment as an alternative to chemicals.
  • Used in meat and poultry production, and processing.
  • Used in seafood processing and aquaculture.

Learn More About Our Markets

Water usage in the agriculture and horticulture industry mainly occurs through irrigation process but there are a number of processes that require water treatment solutions.


Water is critical to pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing operations, both as an ingredient and tool.


Our expertise involves advising on, designing, and implementing a wide range of water treatment systems across a variety of industries.