Ozone is a powerful oxidant and an exceptional disinfectant.

Ozone is a proven and safe alternative for drinking water treatment as it is free of the harmful by-products associated with chemical disinfection. It is the most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used in water treatment. Ozone also has the added benefit of leaving elevated levels of oxygen in the treated water.


The advantages of ozone disinfection of surface water in drinking water treatment applications are primarily related to its ability to inactivate microorganisms and plays an important role in many water treatment processes.

Oxidative reactions is the most effective way of degrading and eliminating all kinds of pollutants and waste chemicals - both in air and water. 

  • Disinfection – Bacterial disinfection, viral and cyst inactivation, biofilm control.
  • Oxidation of Inorganics – Iron, manganese, organically-bound heavy metals, cyanides, sulfides, nitrates, arsenic.
  • Oxidation of Organics – color, tastes & odors, pesticides, algae control, turbidity.

2. Food and Beverage Industries

  • Product water treatment
  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Equipment & tank sanitization
  • Keg & barrel sanitization
  • Produce/fruit washing
  • Produce preservation
  • Pathogen control for meat & poultry processing

3. Laundry

  • Energy & water savings
  • Improved disinfection
  • Extended linen life

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