HF - Series | Reverse Osmosis System

The Integra High Flow | RO product line

Is available in custom built and assembled configurations; with permeate flow rates ranging from 20 to 700 gallons per minute per skid. Systems can be provided with nanofiltration, brackish water or energy efficient low pressure RO membranes

The systems include a cartridge pre filter with stainless housing, booster pump, FRP (Fiberglass reinforced polyester) pressure vessels, membrane elements, automatic valves, instruments and controls, all mounted on an anodized structural aluminum frame. The series includes operator friendly features such as a fully automatic control system with color touch screen interface and VFD controlled booster pump that is also used as the Clean in Place pump as required.

Other user friendly features include a built-in permeate blending valve on some models, which allows the operator to dial in the desired water quality

Extensive instrumentation for monitoring critical operating parameters such as temperature, conductivity, salt rejection and flow rates are standard.

The PLC has built-in connectivity via Ethernet, so the systems can be seamlessly integrated with overall plant controls.


  • 5-micron filtraton is included for membrane protecton
  • Multple membrane optons available 304L stainless steel pumps and piping for corrosion resistance
  • Sample valves on the feed and product water to test for quality
  • CUL Rated enclosure and electrical components ensures quality and reliability
  • Compact footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Clean in place connectons maximize system serviceability
  • Comprehensive factory testng