Nanofiltration is also a membrane filtration-based process that is sometimes referred to as "membrane softening" and is an attractive alternative to lime softening or sodium ion exchange softening technologies.


Nanofiltration is used where the high salt rejection of Reverse Osmosis is not necessary while still removing elements such as Calcium or Magnesium. Research in membranes as well as other developments in recent years have extended the use of Nanofiltration into a wide range of industries.

Food and Beverage Industries

Used for partial demineralization of whey, concentration of lactose in whey UF permeate, and Cleaning in Place wastewater treatment in the dairy industry.
Used for fruit juice, pigment, or aroma concentration, as well as wastewater treatment in the fruits and vegetable industry.
Used for pre-concentration of clarified sugar beet and for processing and washing water recycling in the sugar industry.
Used for the recovery of soy whey proteins, oil degumming and refining, corn refining and waste water treatment in grain production.

Potable Water Treatment