Ozone is a powerful oxidant and an exceptional disinfectant.

Ozone is considered a safer, more economical, and effective sanitation agent in industrial applications where chemicals such as chlorine, hypochlorite, peracetic acid (PAA), and hydrogen peroxide were previously used. Because of its efficacy in oxidizing a variety of microorganisms and waterborne contaminants, it can significantly reduce both the concentration of contaminants and disinfection time.

Each ozone molecule is comprised of three oxygen atoms, making it extremely unstable and readily reactive. It is a potent oxidizing agent offering at least 20 times higher microbial inactivation potential of the best known chemical disinfectant.

Ozone is produced in-situ and on-demand only, with oxygen as the only raw material for its production. Integra Water Technologies uses the corona discharge process to produce ozone.  

Oxidative reactions is the most effective way of degrading and eliminating all kinds of pollutants and waste chemicals - both in air and water.



Bacterial disinfection, viral and cyst inactivation, biofilm control.

Oxidation of Inorganics

Iron, manganese, organically-bound heavy metals, cyanides, sulfides, nitrates, arsenic.

Oxidation of Organics

color, tastes & odors, pesticides, algae control, turbidity.

Drinking Water Treatment

 Ozone is a proven and safe alternative for drinking water treatment as it is free of the harmful by-products associated with chemical disinfection. It is the most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used in water treatment and has the added benefit of leaving elevated levels of oxygen in the treated water.

The advantages of ozone disinfection in drinking water treatment applications are primarily related to its ability to inactivate microorganisms and plays an important role in many water treatment processes.


Ozonated water provides a safer, more economical and extremely effective method for barrel, tank and general surface cleaning and sanitation as well as for clean-in-place (CIP) systems. This guarantees the high quality of wine through effective management of natural yeast and containment of cross-contamination between wine batches.


Beer production is a complex process with great demand for sanitation and microbiological control. Aqueous ozone offers a highly effective and cost-effective means of treating the supply water used for brewing, sanitizing of equipment and rinsing of the entire plant. No hazardous acids or harmful byproducts from halogens. No aroma that could impact beer flavors. No mechanically demanding process nor costs of producing steam and hot water.

Dairy Industry

A safe water supply is essential for the upkeep of healthy livestock. Ozonated water is widely used to disinfect drinking water and clean equipment and tits before milking. It is a powerful sanitizer that kills bacteria in the milker, reduces cross contamination of milk and equipment and lessens the potential for tit disease and mastitis on dairy cattle thus guaranteeing better growth, reproduction and productivity.