Integra Water Technologies specializes in pre-engineered, pre-assembled systems that minimize installation and start-up time for customers requiring cost-effective, dependable water treatment technology.

Benefits of Pre-Packaged Systems

Lower Capital Cost

Building the complete system in a factory setting costs less than building and testing the same size system on site. Furthermore, consistent quality is easier to maintain in a factory setting thus insuring the final product is economical to own, operate and maintain.

Fast Installation and Commissioning

Time from order to commissioning is a fraction of what is typically required for a site-built system.

Small Footprint

The compact size of packaged systems requires less expensive land area than site-built systems. Packaged systems can be installed inside existing facilities where site-built systems simply would not have room.

Lower Installation Cost

Less time spent on site for construction and installation means a lower overall cost for installation.

Complete Process offering

Including pre- and post- treatment equipment custom designed for each specific application.